We had a great time for both of us !!~グランツパツジャズバンドメンバーと慶誠っ子たちにとってものすごく素敵な時間でした!!~

2024年6月18日 歳時記


It was an incredibly wonderful time for both the members of the Grant’s Path Jazz Band and the Keisei students!! First, let me show you a screenshot of yesterday’s (Monday, June 17) digital edition of the Kumamoto Nichinichi Newspaper.This article seemed to activate the adrenaline of the Keisei students further.During the first period, members of the Grant’s Pass Jazz Band spread out across all the classes for an exchange session.


“Friday, June 14th… the excitement from the performance at the prefectural theater… it still hasn’t died down!” We saw this article first thing in the morning.The events of three days ago come vividly back. That sound! Those expressions! The excitement! … The excitement returns.During the first period yesterday, the band members dispersed across all classes, and an exchange event took place. The content of the exchange meeting involved mutual introductions of Grants Pass and Japan (including introductions to Kumamoto or KEISEI). The remaining time was left to each class to decide! So, what kind of unique exchange events did each class come up with? I will be live-tweeting a one-hour school drama whenever possible!


“I’m not sure if Mr. Lewis is saying ‘Let’s check today’s schedule!’ in his usual cheerful tone, but it’s probably similar to a high school’s morning homeroom session.” It seemed like they were confirming which class everyone would be in. And then…!?

“A commemorative shot before heading to class!” Representatives from each class came, not for their favorites, but to call the band members who were assigned to their classes, to the library. This shot was taken as they were leaving the library. Everyone looked great and excited! In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, they headed to their respective classrooms.


The class exchange meetings began! Each class’s unique character shone through, making for engaging and charming interactions with the KEISEI students. Anyway, this is the best opportunity to feel the “now” of Keisei High School, so together with the members of the Grants Pass Jazz Band, we will introduce all the classes in a digest format!


How were these? Without exaggeration, not only were the jazz musicians from Grants Pass impressive, but the expressions of every Keisei student was also vibrant, with wonderful faces and smiles. It was truly the best! All members of the Grants Pass Jazz Band are visiting Japan for the first time! I’m sure this one hour has become an invaluable experience for them! After the exchange event, we heard comments like “That was so much fun!” and, of course, “I wish we had more time!” and “Why didn’t we have another hour?” Just between us, I felt the same way. It was like, “Time, please stop!”


However, after this, the Grants Pass Jazz Band visited a junior high school in Kumamoto City and held a jazz concert! Let me give you a brief overview.


For most of the junior high school students, it was their first time listening to a jazz band concert. I entered the venue halfway through, but even then, the Grants Pass Jazz Band had the audience in a great uproar. The last song was “Idol” by YOASOBI!  Keisei High School’s idol, Saito-san, was also grooving in front of the junior high school students! Keisei power, let’s spread it out!